Fellow list members,

I am currently looking for granting agencies that will fund the 
construction of an animal facility for educational purposes (Learning 
and Physio courses) at a small liberal arts school.  My search has 
guided me to NSF where there are CCLI-A&I grants for laboratory and 
course development, but they specifically prohibit use of such funds 
for the "construction" of facilities.

Are any of you aware of granting agencies that would fund the 
construction of an animal lab from currently existing classroom space?  
The construction would require putting up a few walls, doors, a 
ventilation/air flow system, temperature control unit, and plumbing for 
cage washing facility.

Feel free to respond directly to me or to the list.

Thanks for your assistance.


Rob Flint
Robert W. Flint, Jr., Ph.D.
Minnesota State University - Mankato
Department of Psychology

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