Jim Guinee wrote:
> Apparently I should have clarified when I sent the article --
> I was passing along the information to others and looking for others to
> discuss its content. So, I'm not sure why Paul and John are copying
> their messages to me...
> I know nothing of FRC and very little of the Christian
> Coalition, so please don't take my posting the article as an
> endorsement of either of these groups.

        I copied my message to you simply because I once again forgot to make sure
that you weren't included in the CC field (in other words, burned again by
the TIPS policy...but of course it's really my own fault).

(oops - _almost_ did it again with _this_ message...)

        I didn't read your original post (sending along the article) as an
endorsement of its content, and I'm sure no-one else did either. If you were
that kind of a nut, I think we'd have known it by now.   ;)

Paul Smith
Alverno College

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