George R. Price was born in NYC and would go down a crooked
road that would ultimately lead to the Galton Lab where he would
produced what is now referred to as the "Price Equation" that
attempts to explain why altruism exists if evolutionary theory is
correct.  An interesting -- if depressing -- account of his life and
its twists and turns is presented in the following article, which
puts Price's life in the context of a female British playwright who
would write a play about Price; see:
NOTE: at the bottom of the article is a reference list but one
has to click on the "reference bar" to see them.

For more "straight " info on Price, there entries in Wikipedia
that provide more information but leaving out some of the details
in the article above:
The biographical entry on Price:
On the Price Equation:
An entry on a movie where the Price equation plays
a critical role:
NOTE: The original title of the movie is "W (Greek Symbol delta) Z"
which is a part of the equation. In the U.S., the movie
was released with the title "The Killing Gene" which is
available on Amazon:

I think that one can't help feeling sorry for Price because
though he was brilliant in certain ways, he did not have the
self-insight to understand how he would ultimately destroy

-Mike Palij
New York University

P.S. No new explosions today in NYC.

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