This is an invitation to subscribe to an electronic conference on the
"Hygiene Improvement Framework." The conference will run from March 1-29,

The USAID-funded Environmental Health Project (EHP), will be conducting the
online conference from March 1-29, 2002. This online conference is in
partnership with the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
(WSSCC), as part of a series of electronic discussions ahead of the 3rd
World Water Forum in Kyoto, March 2003.

EHP has developed the Hygiene Improvement Framework as a way to focus
investments in WS&S interventions on health, especially diarrheal diseases.
The Hygiene Improvement Framework is an integrated approach that combines
access to hardware, hygiene promotion, and enabling environments. This
framework allows these three components to be integrated and the strong
underlying message is that all three components must be included if WS&S
projects are to have a greater impact on health.

The objectives of the conference will be the following;

 Present and discuss the Hygiene Improvement Framework
 Share examples of field activities that illustrate the use of hygiene
promotion in integrated WS&S projects.
 Discuss the implications of the Hygiene Improvement Framework for
designing and implementing WS&S projects
 Summarize the main conclusions of the conference and discuss possible

The e-conference will be organized around each of these objectives, with one
week being devoted to each objective.

March 1-8 - Presentation and discussion of the Hygiene Improvement Framework

March 11-15 - Field examples of integrating hygiene promotion into WS&S
March 18-22 - Implications for designing and implementing WS&S projects
March 25-29 - Next steps and summary

The conference will be co-facilitated by EHP staff members Fred Rosensweig
and Chris McGahey.

This conference will be of interest to those organizations and individuals
interested in maximizing the health impact of WS&S activities. The
conference will be most relevant to those that are responsible for planning
and implementing field activities. These include a wide range of development
practitioners including bilateral and international agencies, NGOs, and host
country agencies. Other participants are also very welcome to participate.

The background paper for the conference will be available on February 15,

There are two ways to subscribe:
1. Either online, at :
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2. To subscribe by email, send the following message to
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