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On 13/03/18 21:49, Russ Housley wrote:
> The Prague discussion was about draft-green-...

Much more was discussed than just that one dead draft. In particular
see the minutes for the more general question posed by the chairs.

> Nick Sullivan summarized four concerns with that approach.  See 
> https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/tls/NJEsyOZ8S3m8fiGk3bJ_lDnL-dg
> draft-rhrd-... addresses all four of these concerns.  We had some 
> discussion on the mail list, which lead to -01 being posted.

The problem you have however is that you're trying to square a
circle, so picking any set of N objections to try to address will
still leave you ending up with something unacceptable, for at
least one of a bunch of reasons. Partly, that's because you need
there to be a boundary between a data centre and the rest of the
Internet that's meaningful to TLS, and no such boundary exists.

(So the answer to Nalini's problems is: for applications causing
you this particular pain within a data centre don't use TLS,
find another way and while that might be painful for Nalini's
consortium, it's the right answer, given the overall costs of
anything else.)

> I do not know if the TLS WG will want to adopt this approach.  I 
> would like to find out.

Did you read the list traffic from Oct/Nov? I have no idea how
you can be in doubt if you did. It's readily apparent that your
draft has not caused a lot of people to change their minds. Do
you agree? If so, then the conclusion is obvious, isn't it?


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