This is how I see using embryos different from organ donation.

When organs are harvested from the donor, the donor first is declared dead by two doctors before the organs are removed. Organs are not removed from a living donor where the removal of the organs would cause the death of the donor. Organ are removed after death not before just because it going to be death soon anyway.

When removing stem cells from an otherwise viable embryo (just needing to be implanted in a uterus to continue to develop), it is that process that destroys the embryo. It is still living before the removal of the stem cells.

I'm also against creating embryos for IVF in the first place. If that had not been done then there wouldn't be "leftover" embryos.

At 10:54 AM 1/12/2007, Westgold wrote:
Hi everybody. I look at it *exactly* like organ donation, which is allowed and blessed in all faiths. Since these extra unused embryos are going to be discarded anyway (in a way kinda similar to a dead adult body being put into the grave, gone forever), why not allow them to "donate" cells that will help so many people before they are thrown away? Adults have the chance to donate before their dead body is gone forever, I think giving the embryos the same chance/option is a true blessing. How many people they can help!!

Jim Lubin
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