On 24/11/13 12:36, Nicholas Marriott wrote:

> Hi
> I tried this and honestly I don't like it, I think it is unexpected that
> if I do splitw and the pane unzooms it then zooms again when I select
> it. It's better for the pane not to secretly stay zoomed - it isn't so
> hard to zoom it again if that's what you want.

Hello Nicholas

First of all thank you for taking the time to test the patch.

I admit that autozooming on enter is not much aligned with the principle
of least surprise. In fact I wasn't displaying the window flags in the
status bar and after aplying the patch I added it so I can know if the
current window is zoomed or not.

That said, I still find useful this behaviour. Typical use case is
editor+shell. You go from your maximized editor pane to the shell, try
something and then go back to edit, and then again to the shell and so on.

It can be done manually, of course, in fact my first take was the one I
commented in my first mail: "bind h select-pane -L" and "bind H
select-pane -L \; resize-pane -Z".

I find some equivalence between this autozoom and the GUI's popular
metaphor in which you push a window toward a lateral side and the window
is resized to take that lateral half of the screen. If you drag the
window again to the center, it it resized back to its previous size
instead of keeping it half-screen size.

Outside of tmux the only way I can think of to know if a pane was
previously zoomed is to have an app listening for %layout-change
messages an keeping it's own internal state. Any other idea is welcomed.

Question aside: is there any plan for a libtmux ?



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