Well, we could add a format to say if the window was/is zoomed
(#{pane_was_zoomed} maybe).

Even a flag to selectp to do the behaviour you want (selectp -Z) might
be okay.

So if you want to add one or both of those?


On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:14:54PM +0100, Maykel Moya wrote:
> On 24/11/13 12:36, Nicholas Marriott wrote:
> > Hi
> > 
> > I tried this and honestly I don't like it, I think it is unexpected that
> > if I do splitw and the pane unzooms it then zooms again when I select
> > it. It's better for the pane not to secretly stay zoomed - it isn't so
> > hard to zoom it again if that's what you want.
> Hello Nicholas
> First of all thank you for taking the time to test the patch.
> I admit that autozooming on enter is not much aligned with the principle
> of least surprise. In fact I wasn't displaying the window flags in the
> status bar and after aplying the patch I added it so I can know if the
> current window is zoomed or not.
> That said, I still find useful this behaviour. Typical use case is
> editor+shell. You go from your maximized editor pane to the shell, try
> something and then go back to edit, and then again to the shell and so on.
> It can be done manually, of course, in fact my first take was the one I
> commented in my first mail: "bind h select-pane -L" and "bind H
> select-pane -L \; resize-pane -Z".
> I find some equivalence between this autozoom and the GUI's popular
> metaphor in which you push a window toward a lateral side and the window
> is resized to take that lateral half of the screen. If you drag the
> window again to the center, it it resized back to its previous size
> instead of keeping it half-screen size.
> Outside of tmux the only way I can think of to know if a pane was
> previously zoomed is to have an app listening for %layout-change
> messages an keeping it's own internal state. Any other idea is welcomed.
> Question aside: is there any plan for a libtmux ?
> Thanks
> Regards,
> maykel
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