Hi Ewart,

there are no fonts embedded withing TN5250j.
It's using the fonts provided of your operating system.
So when you find it somewhere for downloading, just install it
and you can use it right away.


Am 11.01.2011 03:38, schrieb ewart.deso...@sandvik.com:
> Hi Martin,
> Thanks for the upgrade, looks really good.
> Another request, I have been using TN5250j ever since I came to know about 
> it which is around 4 yrs back. I find that some fonts have been chanced 
> since the 1st version I installed. I remember using 'Monospace 821 Bold 
> Italic BT' which really looked fantastic but I now find it missing from 
> the font list. Is it possible to add fonts in tn5250j ??
> I am now using 'Lucida Sans Typewriter Bold Oblique' but I find that there 
> is no visible distinction with a 'zero' & a capital 'O' as was in the 
> earlier font.
> Thanks & best regards
> Ewart

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