Hey there,

first I want to thank everyone, who downloaded the 0.6.2 release.
Especially thanks for the feedback.
Since Dec-2010 we've counted round about 4000 downloads - Great!

Now, I'm proud to release v0.6.3.

Enhancements/Change Log for Tn5250j:

ADD: center connect dialog on top of main frame/window
FIX: bug id:3292459 (Reload macros file on launch)
FIX: bug id:3205299 (email addresses prefixed with "mailto:"; are not
considered as hotspots)
FIX: bug id:3179868 (Text and fields are not displayed)
FIX: bug id:3161636 (System Name not in window title bar anymore)
FIX: bug id:3160345 (Default value of column separator looks strange)
FIX: bug id:3158911 (command line switch -s not working any more)
FIX: bug id:3158902 (settings folder in user's home directory is not
FIX: bug id:3155293 (hangs when called with explicit host name)

Special additions for JSE6 version:

ADD: About dialog/tab
ADD: tool tips for session tab titles
FIX: wrong display of title text, when tab title changes
FIX: unchecked confirmTabClose in properties
FIX: reworked internal code for debugging
CHG: removed old images


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