This has nothing to do with CCSID. Your display file uses the 'Enhanced 
User Interface' options (i.c. checkboxes) that IBM added to DDS (quite a 
long time ago). Client Acces is the only emulator that I know of that 
supports it. Basically Client Access says to the workstation controller 
'Yes, I can do checkboxes.', so the workstation controller sends 
checkboxes. Tn5250j says 'Checkboxes? No comprende.', so the workstation 
controller sends characters.

Joep Beckeringh wrote on 19-07-2012 10:20:33:

> According to my issue posted previously and the answer asking me to 
> put some screenshots: 
> I'm having some problems with dsp that works with a specific kind of
> checkboxes like it's shown on the images attached. 
> With Client Access works fine: 
> [image removed] 
> With tn5250 emulation If I click enter It doesn't work properly: 
> [image removed] 
> I'have selected many CCSID. I don't know which option to write or 
> selection I have to make. 
> Client Access selection: [image removed] 
> Current tn5250 configuration:[image removed] 
> Best Regards.
> Amalia López Juan
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