Hi all, 

Thanks to everyone for continuing to work on this wonderful project. We use it 
everyday and it is very much appreciated. 

We have run into an issue with 0.7.1 

If we have the option in the session file : "emul.startLastView=" set we get 
the following error: 

INFO [org.tn5250j.framework.Tn5250jController] Tn5250j plugin manager created 
INFO [org.tn5250j.framework.Tn5250jController] Tn5250j plugin manager started 
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException 
at org.tn5250j.My5250.startNewSession(Unknown Source) 
at org.tn5250j.My5250.main(Unknown Source) 

This config is added when we check off the connections/option/start last view. 
I have tried to set it to true and TRUE with the same error. Any one have any 
ideas or is this a bug? 

Best regards, 
-Richard Houston 
-R.L.H. Consulting 
-E-Mail rhous...@rlhc.net 
-WWW http://www.rlhc.net 
-Blog http://www.rlhc.net/blog/ 
-Twitter http://www.twitter.com/rlhc/ 

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