TN5250J Users and/or Developers,

I've been using TN5250J for a while now.  It works great at work, where I'm
stuck with using Windoze.  At home on Linux it has one annoying feature.  If
I switch the focus to another program then back to TN5250J it ignores all
keyboard input until I click somewhere in the window with the mouse.
Naturally unless I click right where the cursor is it moves the cursor.  For
me reaching for the mouse is a last resort.  I prefer to do as much as I can
from the keyboard.  The focus problem may be related to the window manager I
use, dwm.  Has anyone else experienced similar focus issues.  Is there any
other way to get TN5250J to start accepting keyboard input without reaching
for the mouse?


Bruceville, TX

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