Update the poky fixture to the Morty release.  This removes the
master branch from the release and limits it to the morty branch.
Normally, we would also support at least one past branch but the change
from Python 2.7 -> Python 3 makes that infeasible.

Signed-off-by: brian avery <brian.av...@intel.com>
 bitbake/lib/toaster/orm/fixtures/poky.xml | 12 ++++++------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/bitbake/lib/toaster/orm/fixtures/poky.xml 
index 75a2916..5a08fd4 100644
--- a/bitbake/lib/toaster/orm/fixtures/poky.xml
+++ b/bitbake/lib/toaster/orm/fixtures/poky.xml
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@
   <!-- Bitbake versions which correspond to the metadata release -->
   <object model="orm.bitbakeversion" pk="1">
-    <field type="CharField" name="name">master</field>
+    <field type="CharField" name="name">morty</field>
     <field type="CharField" 
-    <field type="CharField" name="branch">master</field>
+    <field type="CharField" name="branch">morty</field>
     <field type="CharField" name="dirpath">bitbake</field>
   <object model="orm.bitbakeversion" pk="2">
@@ -22,11 +22,11 @@
   <!-- Releases available -->
   <object model="orm.release" pk="1">
-    <field type="CharField" name="name">master</field>
-    <field type="CharField" name="description">Yocto Project master</field>
+    <field type="CharField" name="name">morty</field>
+    <field type="CharField" name="description">Yocto Project Morty</field>
     <field rel="ManyToOneRel" to="orm.bitbakeversion" 
-    <field type="CharField" name="branch_name">master</field>
-    <field type="TextField" name="helptext">Toaster will run your builds using 
the tip of the &lt;a 
href="http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/log/"&gt;Yocto Project 
master branch&lt;/a&gt;, where active development takes place. This is not a 
stable branch, so your builds might not work as expected.</field>
+    <field type="CharField" name="branch_name">morty</field>
+    <field type="TextField" name="helptext">Toaster will run your builds using 
the tip of the &lt;a 
Project Morty branch&lt;/a&gt;.</field>
   <object model="orm.release" pk="2">
     <field type="CharField" name="name">local</field>

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