A while back, I responded to Henri Gomez's email:

  "We will create really soon webpages for

 with an offer to summarize some of the recent discussion
about the various connectors currently available for 
Tomcat. Not to write new docs, just summarize the existing
docs and mailing list dicussions into a page with stuff

  for each connector:
   pointer to source, any existint docs
   brief (one line) summary of the idea behind it
   brief (one line) history
   underlying protocol, pointers to definition
   who's working on it
   versions of tomcat it works with
   standalone or front end webserver?
   which webservers? for each: status
   popularity ranking
   pointers to comments about it on mailing lists

 I need to do the research anyway, in order to decide which
connectors to use, so I thought I'd offer to write it up.

 But ... I made the offer almost a month ago, and I wanted
to double check that somebody hadn't gone out and done all
the work in the meantime.

 So: Am I (hopefully :-) too late? Has anyone done this yet?
If not, I wanted to get most of it done this weekend.

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