Ok, I'm maybe being thick here, but I want to make sure I've got this
straight. The idea is that anyone who's clueful enough to search the
archives is likely to come across the term "AJP14", so it's best to 
give them a hint (even if term isn't going to mean anything to somebody
who just wants to evaluate the current set of connectors)

 So, to confirm:

 AJP13 defines marshalling protocols. It also has
a command set that uses those marshalling protocols. AJP14 uses the
same marshalling protocol as AJP13, but extends the command set.
The distinction is important, because in the past major version
number changes in AJP meant an entirely new binary protocol.

 AJP14 is for the future, sometime after the release of jk2. It's
still being discussed.

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