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> webapp

>    Re: jakarta-tomcat-connectors documentation/summaries pier: "There
>    were some other motivations when it all started... Mod_JK was
>    unmaintained, and nobody knew how to make it work. I didn't like

I disagree with Pier here. ( sorry i've lost the original Pier's
menssage ) 

I can admit all other reasons, but jk never has been unmaintained for
any period of time in the past, more, prior to webapp announce, or more
or less at the same time, Dan Milstein and Henri did a big work
documenting and studiying the sources, the protocol and the api.. and
never a bug in jk was left in the bag, perhaps due to it's nature was
and is very difficult to track every bug in every platform and http
server it supports, i admit.. but never run out of support..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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