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>  Speaking of having a document at jakarta, it isn't there yet.
> And it won't go live unless everyone likes it (think "We are the
> world" as sung by a chorus of tomcat developers, all holding
> hands, etc). So no worries. 

This is a public list, so unless this thread is not archived anywhere
:), which i doubt, this has reached the status of a jakarta document
with his mere existence, hang or not the doc in the site, is an
implementation detail :).

>  I think it may have reached the "better than nothing" stage,
> and I'd like to start formatting and cleanup. That presupposes
> a destination. I originally talked to Henri Gomez about hanging
> it off a jakarta-tomcat-connectors page, but Glenn Nielsen also
> mentioned a Tomcat FAQ. 
>  Where should it go?

Good question, but the usual rules apply, do it and if anybody finds a
better place, he can move it later :), you are a committer!!, remember??
:).. so your actions can go before your words :)).. 

If i can talk about lessons learned here, actions are much less
discussed than mail list messages :)), and that any newbie committer
breaks the build in his first commit :), may be you will break our
traditions :), i dont know which will be worse.. ;)

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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