On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Bojan Smojver wrote:

> Which is how it used to be in the old code anyway. And that means that
> DirectoryIndex should not be used if you don't have physical files in the right
> places (with the current patch level in mod_jk 1.2.x for Apache 2) or in virtual
> places (with the future code, that you're proposing, which will be capable of
> asking TC about such files).

I think DirectoryIndex shouldn't be used until we get the right 
code to deal with both static and mapped resources.

I'm not saying the old code is right - it obviously isn't.

> OK, if you want to write something along those lines, I have no problems with
> that. It's best of both worlds in that case. I'm guessing that you'd have to ask
> TC if there are files out there that match, right? Because this is not a real
> request (not in jk_map_to_storage() anyway), but 'what if', jk_handler() doesn't
> get called, so it would have to be done in some other way.

First, I don't think this will be written in the short term, it's quite

You don't need to ask tomcat - jk should have all the mappings, and
it can already map any URI. All it has to do is:
- for each index: 
    -- concatenate with the current uri
    -- do the jk mapping ( or internal redirect if you use <Location> 
instead of the internal mapper ). If a match is found - forward to 
    -- check if a file exists. If yes - serve it as static ( since
we already checked all servlet mappings ). 
- if no match is found, use mod_dir to display the directory.

But in the short term, I think we should just let tomcat deal 
with that, until we have the fix. 


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