> You don't need to ask tomcat - jk should have all the mappings, and
> it can already map any URI. All it has to do is:
> - for each index: 
>     -- concatenate with the current uri
>     -- do the jk mapping ( or internal redirect if you use <Location> 
> instead of the internal mapper ). If a match is found - forward to 
> tomcat.
>     -- check if a file exists. If yes - serve it as static ( since
> we already checked all servlet mappings ). 
> - if no match is found, use mod_dir to display the directory.
> But in the short term, I think we should just let tomcat deal 
> with that, until we have the fix.

Are you referring here to mod_jk2 only or both mod_jk 1.2.0 and mod_jk2?


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