on 2002/10/26 3:25 AM, "Glenn Nielsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Right now scarab comes with Xerces 1.4.4.  Will Scarab be upgraded so it
> can use Xerces 2.x?

Yes. The issue for us is that SourceCast is still on Xerces 1.4.x so for
now, when we integrate Scarab into SourceCast, we have to be on Xerces

> It is significantly faster for a certain templating technology which I will
> leave unmentioned. ;-)

And which I stripped entirely out of the distribution of Tomcat which I
include with Scarab. =) I went through all of the .jar files included with
Tomcat and one by one removed them until I got a completely minimal

It would be cool if in the future, all of the .jar files required to run
Tomcat itself were in one directory and the rest were in another. There are
several .jar files in various places that are only required if you use the
included webapps. Seems like a waste of space if you don't need those apps.

> Most of the other changes between 4.0 and 4.1 were feature related except
> for the Coyote connector and JK2.



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