While using Tomcat and Active Directory, I found a small bug.  Normally in LDAP, you 
escape certain special characters, one of which being the comma.  This is done by 

DN=CN=Doe\, Jane, OU=unit, OU=People

However, when I instructed Tomcat to search for roles by inserting the distinguished 
name, no results were found.  This is because I found in Active Directory in an object 
filter you must put

member=CN=Doe\\, Jane, OU=unit, OU=People or member=CN="Doe, Jane", OU=unit, OU=People

I have written a patch that at the moment can implement either of those two fixes by 
encoding the filter.  I have tried to find the answer at the LDAP specifications at 
http://rfc.sunsite.dk/rfc/rfc2253.html.  Is this just Active Directory messing up?  
Does my fix seem reasonable?  What is the best method to fix my problems and stay 
within LDAP specifications?

Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed.


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