In LDAP, different attributes are separated by a comma, so you must distinguish when 
you use a comma in the middle of the attribute.  This means a comma in the middle of 
the attribute must be escaped.  Sorry for the confusion.  Hope this clears it up.


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What about the other commas?  I'm not that familiar with LDAP specs, so
this may be a stupid question, but why are you escaping only the first

Yoav Shapira
Millennium ChemInformatics

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>Subject: Working on patch (need feedback)
>While using Tomcat and Active Directory, I found a small bug.  Normally
>LDAP, you escape certain special characters, one of which being the
>This is done by
>DN=CN=Doe\, Jane, OU=unit, OU=People
>However, when I instructed Tomcat to search for roles by inserting the
>distinguished name, no results were found.  This is because I found in
>Active Directory in an object filter you must put
>member=CN=Doe\\, Jane, OU=unit, OU=People or member=CN="Doe, Jane",
>OU=unit, OU=People
>I have written a patch that at the moment can implement either of those
>fixes by encoding the filter.  I have tried to find the answer at the
>specifications at  Is this just
>Active Directory messing up?  Does my fix seem reasonable?  What is the
>best method to fix my problems and stay within LDAP specifications?
>Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed.
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