Hey Guys,

A little over a year ago the posibility for making an implementation of the SIP Servlet specification using Tomcat was shortly talked about
(see http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg25333.html)

I have done some tests and looked into what problems this would present and I came to one conclusion; The current
design of the org.apache.catalina.Session interface requires that you do some weird hacking, twisting and adaptation to get support
for sessions in SIP, since Session expects to always wrap a HttpSession, but SIP Servlets have their own session interface.

I have talked to Anders Kristensen about these difference session interfaces. He said that even though there had been talks with
the Servlet expert group about making a general servlet session interface fitting the need of both HTTP and SIP it was voted against
in the Servlet expert group. The reason they gave for not making such an interface was the small spread and use of SIP servlets.

Until such an interface is designed I was wondering if it would be possible to change the org.apache.catalina.Session interface to
return a temporary internal Tomcat interface that contains the same methods that would probably end up in the general Servlet
session interface??

- Brian

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