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>Can one of admins take a look at the Earthlink subscribtion and
>unsubscribe them.

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>The EarthLink Abuse Staff

>>Hey Guys,

>>A little over a year ago the posibility for making an implementation of
>>the SIP Servlet specification using Tomcat was shortly talked about
>>http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg25333.html

>>I have done some tests and looked into what problems this would present
>>and I came to one conclusion; The current
>>design of the org.apache.catalina.Session interface requires that you
>>some weird hacking, twisting and adaptation to get support
>>for sessions in SIP, since Session expects to always wrap a
>>but SIP Servlets have their own session interface.

>>I have talked to Anders Kristensen about these difference session
>>interfaces. He said that even though there had been talks with
>>the Servlet expert group about making a general servlet session 
>>interface fitting the need of both HTTP and SIP it was voted against
>>in the Servlet expert group. The reason they gave for not making such
>>interface was the small spread and use of SIP servlets.

>>Until such an interface is designed I was wondering if it would be
>>possible to change the org.apache.catalina.Session interface to
>>return a temporary internal Tomcat interface that contains the same 
>>methods that would probably end up in the general Servlet
>>session interface??

>>- Brian

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