> From another user's comment, it looked like it was invalid and there
>seem to be a rebuttal. But I had many windows open at the same time
and may 
>have gotten it confused with something else.

Yeah, somebody was nitpicking the snippet of server.xml that he had
there, where the thing they were nitpicking was really just a typo in
the bug report.  I have indeed seen this issue and for a while was
frustrated with the userSubtree functionality.  Like I say, it is a
rights issue, and it may have to still be dealt with in some way or
another.  It might result in a fundamentally different way of doing the
search in JNDIRealm than the current code.  I don't know, I'll
investigate when I get some time.

> I know nothing about the iPlanet issue (except for what is in the
> report), so that will be great if you have a fix...
>When pulling the password back - it is SHA1 encrypted. When tomcats
>the browser provided password - it returns the SHA1 in an incompatible

>manner. (HEX vs BASE64 IIRC) So the solution here will probably be to
add a 
>flag on how to perform SHA1 password checks. (Or similar)

Oh, I was confusing this with bug #11210, also dealing with Netscape. 

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