I got eager and saw you bug update yesterday and applied a patch to 4.1 last night. Here's a link to the PATCH email:


The commit also does a null pointer check on the getMessage() to fix a related bug and also avoids doing the toString().

As for bug 20518 - did this seem right? It seemed like an innocent fix. (But they are the ones that seem to cause the most trouble)

IIRC, the only two bugs left I know of is:
1) The CLIENT-CERT one which I wish not to do but rather leave to someone to Extend JNDIRealm. (But if someone else wants to commit it - I won't care)
2) Enhancement request for IPlanet since in a non-user binding the SHA1 check isn't compatible with the way tomcat generates a hash. I have a patch on my own from another project that might fix this. (If I can find the code)

AFAIK - All other JNDIRealm bugs are fixed or enhancements. If you can test from 4.1 and give me the OK - I can port the patch to 5. (I know I committed in the wrong order :( , but did it on the hope that the patch had a better chance of being tested)


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