Bill Barker wrote:
I don't know. From traces I saw, there are conditions where there could
be no thread listening on the socket (at that point, the connector was
dead, of course), while everything else in the TP was looking ok
(including no deadlock). There didn't seem to be anything in the logs
related to an error during accept.

If you max out the threads, then the thread that is waiting in ThreadPool is the one that will do the next accept. It's supposed to be a temporary condition (since a thread should get returned to to Pool soon). Porting the connectionTimeout throttling back to 4.1 should make it more responsive in this case (since Tomcat will stop doing keep-alives). Of course, what it's really telling you is that your maxProcessors is set too low :).

I haven't been able to measure the effects of this, so I am unsure of the usefulness of the feature. Anyone having conducted more serious testing with TC 5 yet ?


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