On Tomcat 5.5.2 I am experiencing very long compile times(and hangs) for certain JSP pages. The page has an EL expression like this:

${fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase(('b'))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))}

If you remove the extraneous parenthesis it will compile and execute very quickly. However, if you add more nested calls to fn:toUpperCase compiling will again take a very long time. So, this may be related to the number of nested expressions. This is just a test case obviously but I am generating JSPs automatically and it is difficult if not impossible to avoid EL statements with these nested function calls. Resin can compile and execute these pages very quickly but I want to stick with Tomcat.

This is crucial to the project I am working on and if someone has an idea of what is causing this and where to look in the tomcat source I would appreciate it.

Eric Blenkush

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