Thanks very much for the reply.

Ok, how is it possible?  What would we need to extend / where would we plug
it in?

Yes, we'd like to balance on CPU usage of tomcat servers that Apache is
load balancing.  Or, even, by having each tomcat app communicate with the
balancer to tell it how busy it is.

Our problem is that we receive a variety of requests, some of which are
very resource intensive and tie up that tomcat for a good while.  Hence a
round-robin or balance factors algorithm are not very effective.

Do you have any ideas of a possible solution?

Use custom headers, and update lb_factors according to that value. During ajp demarshaling remove those headers so that clients are unaware of that.

For example use 100/CpuUsage as lb_factor, so if CPU load is
high it's lb_factor will be smaller, thus lowering the load to that


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