Enrique Rodriguez wrote:

I know this is a very common issue but i want to be sure about it.

I have 5 tomcats on a 8Gb RAM machine. The number of applications
installed on tomcats are 5 to 15. All the tomcat run with -Xms128M
-Xmx512M but the manager aplication never show JVM memory higger than

This is the JVM memory state for the tomcat with 15 application:
Free memory: 73.94 MB Total memory: 128.62 MB Max memory: 510.37 MB

What i don't understand is that I "sometimes" get OutOfMemoryException
when i upload new aplitications to the tomcat using the manager.

I Profiled my aplication and i don't have any memory issue.

Is this a manager bug? Why the Total Memory is never higger than 128 MB
but I get OutOfMemoryExceptions?

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