Short version: I can access Tomcat via SSL from IE6, but not from Mozilla 
1.4/Netscape 7.1.  Is this a known problem, and if so, what's the 

Long version: 

I've installed Sun's Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.3 version of
Tomcat 5 under Linux.  I also created a self-signed certificate using the
Java keytool, accepting the default keystore location and using the
default "changeit" password.  When I enable SSL (either by removing
comment delimiters from the SSL Connector in the out-of-the-box
server.xml, or by running the web-based admin tool) and restart Tomcat,
there are no error messages in any log files.  And I can access the SSL
port with an https URL using IE6 from a Windows client.

But Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1 (on the same Windows client I used for
IE) both give a "The document contains no data." alert when I try to
access the same URL, after a several second delay and a number of
"Connecting"/"Connected" status messages.  These browsers have had no
trouble accessing other https URL's, so I'm assuming that it's a Tomcat

I have tried changing the server.xml Host name from localhost to my actual
host name and changing the Factory protocol from TLS to SSL (based on
something I saw in another SSL question).  This had no apparent effect.

I also tried using a trial Verisign-signed certificate, with the same 
results: IE6 can access the site, Mozilla cannot.

What am I missing?

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