Hi all,

I thought I would share some of my experiences with JDBCRealm authentication.

First what I wanted to do was see if JDBCRealm based authentication even worked. All I got was Tomcat quitting. My first problem was that my web.xml file wasn't in the right order. I went to BEA's website and used their web.xml file explanation page to get all of the spelling and order of the elements right. But Tomcat still wasn't running. It turned out my second problem was that for some reason the MySQL JDBC driver wasn't being found, even though I had placed it in the common\lib directory. So I edited the catalina file manually and added in the jar file.

Next whenever I would authenticate I would get a stylesheet instead of my intended destination. Then one time I authenticated and accidentally hit the login page. It showed me a different styled login page.

That happened because my stylesheet was kept inside the context directory it wasn't being retrieved till I authenticated. So instead of pulling up index.html after I authenticate it pulled up the stylesheet because my browser was waiting to load that file. Solution of course was to place the stylesheet in an unsecure directory.

I hope that someone finds this useful.


Atreya Basu
Greenfield Research Inc.
e-mail: atreya (at) greenfieldresearch (dot) ca

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