> From: Allistair Crossley [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Subject: RE: Continuing Frustration and Misery with Deployer
> The thing is, I do not wish to execute directly from the WAR 
> as that would be inefficient.

If you only have classes (as opposed to resource files) I don't think it
will make a difference.  If you do have other resources in there, then
yes, expanding the war would probably be better.  However, I think
that's controlled solely by the unpackWARs attribute of the <Host> tag,
and has nothing to do with docBase.

> Therefore to avoid executing from the WAR itself I use a 
> relative path to the web application. Perhaps I should be 
> specifying docBase="ROOT" rather than /ROOT. 

That would probably be better; I wonder if you even need a docBase
attribute at all?  If the war file is under webapps, it may be redundant
(and possibly a contributor to the errors in the log).  Is your app
deployed from ROOT.war?

 - Chuck

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