> I am confused.  It looks like they found a way to make tomcat 
> so if the
> jars had that problem, tomcat could still handle it, but only 
> put this in
> 4.x.  It is not in 5.0(ie. the last post in the message).

The functionality has been in 5.5.x for a while. It wasn't back ported to the
5.0.x branch. Development on the 5.0.x branch stopped shortly after the first
stable 5.5.x so it is very unlikely that it ever will. If you are using 5.0.x at
the moment, now might be a good time to move to 5.5.x. You should also note that
there are two anti-locking options, antiJARLocking and antiResourceLocking. Make
sure you read the docs before trying to use them.


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