This is a little intimidating, but I am eager. I hope I am in the right

I am a DHTML developer‹intermediate level. I¹ve been exposed to JSP on an
iPlanet server, Sun OS 5.8 (but it is my client¹s production server, and I¹m
reluctant to mess around there!)

I now have my own Tomcat install kind-of-working on a Fedora Core 2 box. It
is Tomcat 5.0.x with Apache 1.3.

I am studying an APress book called ³JSP 2.0 Novice to Professional,² but
get errors with some of the exercises. (The book is great! Makes it sound so
easy ;-)

My main question is: Can someone recommend a proven Linux, Apache 2 Tomcat
5.5 combination‹could be unix, too.

I figure I should set up a stable development rig first‹one that I could
eventually rely on in a light production environment.

Also: I am interested in finding a tutor/mentor in the San Francisco Bay

Any advice would be much appreciated.

John G.

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