At Sunday 15 January 2012 17:13:26 DaB. wrote:
> Isn't this a bit too many interwiki 
> bots?

yes, there are, although not the cpu-load is the problem but the memory-usage. 
The best solution would be if the mediawiki-devs finaly get rid of interwiki-
links in the article-text of course, but I have the fealing thta will not 
happen soon. The second best solution would be, if the interwiki.py would fix 
their code, but there I have also the fealing that will take some time.

So here is my plan to fix the problem on our (the TS) side:
1.) I create a MMP called interwiki-bot (or something).
2.) YOU (the ts-users) choose (by election, by appointing, by playing "Trip to 
Jerusalem",  I don't care) 5 of you who will become member of that MMP until 
15th February. Only rule: 1 of the 5 has to be an active user of a non-
wikipedia-project (like wikisource or wiktionary or so).
3.) The members of the MMP create a wikimedia-project-account (like "ts-
interwikibot" or something) and request global-bot-status until 1. April.
4.) After 2. April no-one is allowed to run a interwiki-bot except the MMP.

Any problems with my plan?


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