Hi Paul,

Glad you are ready to work DX
Are the Beverage antenna transformer and termination resistor  close to the ground rods, with short interconnect wires.?
Are your coax cables buried to help with noise pick up.?
Some of the small metal loops are not as good as the larger wire home built ones. DX is getting much better  most notice-able at sunrise & sunset.  

On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 17:25:25 +0100, Paul Mclaren

I am in that category only having put up inverted L for 160m as an extension on my 40m quarterwave vertical recently.   Receive antennas are Wellbrook loop and a couple of 40m beverages point NE/SW on top of a 7 foot high boundary wall.  This was only put in place in the summer so yet to try my first winter and can't really believe I will hear anything Stateside or beyond - my best DX so far with limited effort is A65.   The beverages are not very directional on 160m but hear into the local suburban noise better than the loop plus they work well on 80m and 40m RX as a bonus.   I'll take any criticism going but for a normal UK house my garden is pretty average so I have to make do.  



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