If people were working and logging V63KS, they weren't really copying him. He's signing V633KS. He came up out of the noise (and the noise from the east died with the rising sun) and I worked him about 15 minutes after SR in Tucson. 579 on my starter antenna, inverted-vee, apex at 45 feet, ends about 6 feet:-)


 On 9/22/2016 2:00 PM, Kenneth Grimm wrote:
160 is a great band.  My first contact was in Texas with 40 watts of AM on
a Viking Ranger in 1957 with a station in Kansas.  I thought that was great
DX.  Many years later, with over 200 countries worked, I am happy that I am
here on the East Coast in Virginia when the DX comes rolling in from Europe
and I am among the first to hear them.  But then, of course, I wished I
were back in Texas this morning when I couldn't even  hear a peep out of
V63KS and folks in the Lone Star State were bragging about how strong he
was.  Like I said 160 is a great band.  There's great DX on it for
everyone...if you dig deep enough into the noise...and hold your mouth just


Ken - K4XL

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