The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) is pleased to
present the following Webinar.

Date - Tuesday, February 13
Time - 19:00 UTC
Registration -

Jukka OH6LI shares a presentation about receiving antennas.  Gain and
front-to-back are well established specifications.  Some have used
Receiving Directivity Factor, RDF as a receiving antenna metric.  Now
we have also the DMF.  The Directivity Merit Figure algorithm is shown
in an Excel tool for the first time.  The Receiving Antenna Metrics
Excel workbook is EZNEC and MMANA compatible.  Presentation includes
new metrics Noise Margin and Leaking Index.
A number of antennas will be used as examples. The examples begin with
residential area level solutions, extending to staggered beverages and

Please note that this presentation will be recorded and available for
playback at your convenience on the WWROF webpage:

Ken K4ZW
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