I think the beacons towards the bottom of the band are fishing nets (drift
nets) in eastern Europe/Asia.  They are VERY loud on my east beverage.  I
use 1812.60 to call CQ because that falls nicely in between the fishing net

I only had a quick listen this weekend on 160m and agree that condx seemed
well down compared with the days running up to ARRL DX.



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Well on Friday night I couldn't hear one single American station . . . even
though I heard a couple of Southern Europe stations working a few.

Saturday night conditions were better, but signals were well down on what
they have been for the past few weeks.

However, in the 3 hours I spent on the band (at different times in the
night) I did manage to work 61 American stations . . . including a few in
Brazil and the Caribbean.

For future reference, here in Britain there are about 6 Navigation Beacons
between 1810 and 1818 kHz (they sound like the old Decca HiFix) . . . these
make copying weak signals VERY difficult, so a good idea to avoid this part
of the band !

Roger G3YRO

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