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I agree with Roger for the QRM at the bottom of the band. I don't know what 
they are, fishnet or beacons, but it's getting very hard to call CQ on this 
part of the band. 

By the way, for me in the central west part of France, conditions was much 
better friday night. Working with vertical ant, 21 m, and beverage. 

So, sorry with my  poor english, but a  pleasure to read differents messages 
from the list's members‎. 

Jean-Paul / F6FYA.

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De: Roger Kennedy
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Objet: Topband: Conditions on 160m for ARRL Contest

Well on Friday night I couldn't hear one single American station . . . even
though I heard a couple of Southern Europe stations working a few.

Saturday night conditions were better, but signals were well down on what
they have been for the past few weeks.

However, in the 3 hours I spent on the band (at different times in the
night) I did manage to work 61 American stations . . . including a few in
Brazil and the Caribbean.

For future reference, here in Britain there are about 6 Navigation Beacons
between 1810 and 1818 kHz (they sound like the old Decca HiFix) . . . these
make copying weak signals VERY difficult, so a good idea to avoid this part
of the band !

Roger G3YRO

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