I fully understand that, Lee. My comment was directed towards others who
were speaking of actual fishnet beacons.

73, Mike

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   Mike and others,
   Those signals are NOT fishnet beacons. They are as one here said a
version of a navigation system similar to Hyperfix. The reason you hear
three "dings"
Is that there are three transmitters for each one that transmit in sequence
and the electronics aboard ship measures the time of arrival for each pulse
providing harbor navigation.
  How do I know this, I have heard them from the NW  here in OR many times
and looked them up years ago. There have been at least two discussions
about this here on top-band reflector over the years. And as mentioned they
NEVER ID. They are also low power.
Mike I would suggest you Google Hyperfix.
   Lee   K7TJR  OR

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Google *fishnet beacons *and educate yourself, gentlemen! :-)
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