Interesting thought, Jim, but you have lost the context.  What I was listening 
to was Tim's recording.

    On Friday, February 23, 2018 4:01 PM, Jim Jim <> wrote:

  Jeff,  try turning off all of the Cell phones located near your receiver (and 
maybe in the house)  This sounds like the sound of a Cell phone polling the 
local tower that I had several years ago  it often drives me nuts because my 
wife' phone sometimes gets into the receiver as well. 


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I think I'm hearing two groups of four bursts, with the first burst from the 
second transmitter coinciding with the last burst from the first transmitter.? 
Anyone agree?
Jeff W6JK 

    On Thursday, February 22, 2018 10:51 AM, Tim Shoppa <> 

 Here is a recording (made on 80M a few years ago but sounds substantially
the same on 160M) of what I'm told is the Wallops Island Ionosonde:

Here is the waveform showing 4 louder cycles followed by three softer

If you look at the second panel of the waveform, you see a 20Hz
substructure in the pulses.

Even though I'm sitting in once place with a 2.4kHz filter making this
recording, I understand that the actual spectrum occupied is wider and it
cycles through the bands repeating on a several minute cycle.

Tim N3QE 

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