Krassy and I planned to fly together from Boston at 9PM on 02 March. via 
Doha/Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu (SABAH).  Arrival would be 04 March, a TEAM 
MEETING for all on 05 March and a private charter flight to Layang Layang at 
0545 hours on 06 March.

On Wed Feb 28th I learned of the GIANT Nor'Easter that was going to hit BOSTON 
about our takeoff time on Friday.

I called Krassy and we changed our departure to THURS night 0850 hours  - at a 
mere additional cost of $800 per man to re-write our tickets.

I mean - what the HELL!!  This was SPRATLY - damned that we were going to back 
out at this point.....

Departure was okay - we beat the storm and got to DOHA on time.  In the 
re-write process of our tickets Krassy got a good ininerary - mine SUCKED in 
plain English - he got on a plane to KL - I had about a 9 hour layover and 
could not get on his plane(without paying another $280 which I decided not to 


Jeff Briggs
DXing on the Edge: The Thrill of 160 Meters 
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