I sat in Doha for my 9 hours and boarded the plane at 0145 local.  We were 
supposed to take off at 0245 but at 4AM we were still sitting on the tarmac 
which I had not noticed as I had the headphones on watching a movie.

The captain said "sorry for the delay in taking off - we were loading 
cargo!!!!!!!!!!+*&%$#@+++  - GO FIGURE!  QFU QFU QFU!

This meant I would miss my connection from KL to SABAH.

As we landed in KL. a QATAR agent had a sign with my name on it at the end of 
the jetway.  I asked why they were looking for me.  They had arranged an 
alternate flight to KK on MALINDO airways - where I was originally on MALAYSIAN 

I asked specifically about my (2) bags of luggage and we stopped at a counter 
to deal with the issue of getting my bags to KK onMY PLANE!!!!!


I arrived in KK with NO BAGS on the arrival luggage chute - and spent the next 
hour with MALAYSIAN Airlines luggage.  They worked for quite some time and 
advised they had NO IDEA were all my stuff had gone.  I filed a claim sheet and 
took a taxi to my hotel.

I later hooked up with Krassy, CHRIS VK3FY and Peter VK3GN - for a few beers 
and a burger at the Hyatt Regency.  Then crashed as I was a total zombie - with 
no clothes except for one tee shirt - and my winter clothes were soaked with 
sweat from the humidity and2.5 days on the planes.

I would try to follow up with Air Malaysia the next morning (this was now SAT 
night - having left on Thurs night from BOSTON.)


Jeff Briggs
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