At 10AM we all met each other for the first time - it was a BIG TEAM with 
several great 9M6 local hams.

Hrane went over all necessary departure logistics for our supposed departure on 
06 MARCH FROM KK to Layang Layang.

We ended our meeting pretty pumped as the day of departure was almost at hand - 

At 5PM Hrane came to my hotel to advise that our departure was CANCELLED for 
the next day - no specific reason - basically claiming unforseen complications 
- departure now set for 0545 on 07 March.

I spent the day checking my luggage and just chilling - talking with my wife 
about all of this on SKYPE.

Of course we all had to PAY for the extra night in our hotels - there was some 
possible compensation that some got from Layang Layang - I just wanted to GO.

By the way - Hrane's reply to the "DEAR JOHN" letter he got from the resort as 
to the cancellation was a classic - and totally unfit for repeating here - it 
was pretty spirited to say the least.

DAY 7 - and again, our hopes are DASHED - at 4PM Hrane advises we have been 
anulled again!

This time my hotel tells me they are BOOKED SOLID - they have no room for me 
for the night - but eventually they come through with a smallish room - who 
cares I told them - it was BETTER than  OUTSIDE on the street!

Hrane calls to advise that NO BS - we will fly at 0545 Am - this being DAY 7 
and 08 March.


WD5COV and I start considering going home - my wife says play the hand out and 
I know she is right - so we wait to see if they deliver this time - but if 
there is no flight on 08 MARCH - it is probably time to think about going home.

Jeff Briggs
DXing on the Edge: The Thrill of 160 Meters 
Available worldwide through BookBaby, Array Solutions, DX Engineering, Royal 
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