Sunday 04 March

Spent the day first chasing luggage with Air Malaysia - then touring with 
9M6KOM, 9M6BOB, JT1CO and K1LZ.

We went into the mountains and had a fantastic lunch overlooking KK from about 
3500 feet up - a place called KOKOL HAVEN.  You might look this one up on 
google - now this was what SHANGRI LA was supposed to be all about.  Good food, 
good beer and I had a great HAWAIIAN PIZZA - best food I had eaten in several 

At night took a taxi out to the SHANGRI LA Tanjura resort on the ocean - talk 

This was where JT1CO and K1LZ were staying - somehow the price of a room and 
the cost of anything (like drinks) was beyond my budget - especially after 
dumping $800 into an exchange of flight ticket.  Yes I have trip insurance, but 
I am pretty sure since the BOSTON flight did leave after a delayed departure 
Friday night - that QATAR air will find some way to weasle out of paying for my 
trip modification - so again, its's Spratly - but no money for a $350 per night 
hotel room with Chak and Krassy (HI)  But this place is 5 star +++++ if there 
is such a rating - look it up on google and you will see what I mean!  (BRING 
MONEY - lots of it!)

We happened to have dinner there last night - the bill was staggering (note 
that i DID NOT PAY IT!)    

Anyway Hrane asked about the status of my luggage, and he basically took charge 
of finding it.  He is a bit like a bull in a china shop (but in a good way) - 
and he takes no prisoners.- 

He took my claim sheet and went out to the airport to both Malindo and Air 
Malaysia and the NEXT DAY - he accompanied me out to Air Malindo where we 
finally had my 160M stuff in hand again - and some CLEAN CLOTHES,

This was DAY 5 - Monday 4 March.

Our team meeting was set for Tues 05 March at 10:00AM which I will talk about 

Jeff Briggs
DXing on the Edge: The Thrill of 160 Meters 
Available worldwide through BookBaby, Array Solutions, DX Engineering, Royal 
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