Well the band is still open for DX between NA and Europe, as shown when I
come on and get some great reports from various RBN stations . . . 

But do I have any real contacts?  No !  Because I guess there is no

Those of you (like me) who complain that these FT8 stations are not having
REAL contacts ought to make the effort to come on the band and have some
proper DX QSOs !

There were quite a few Europeans on last Wednesday, and over the weekend,
all endlessly calling CQ DX but often with no replies.

I know the Summer is coming . . . but I'm sure we can keep these Wednesday
nights going for a few more weeks . . . so come on chaps!

I myself will be on tomorrow night from around 00.30Z (which I guess is East
coast sunset now)

73 Roger G3YRO

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