The problem will be getting him to hear you.  I was calling in a pile on 20 SSB yesterday when he announced that they had another station coming up at 18130.  I doubt that anyone else heard that, considering the out of control mob.   I tuned up there and he was calling CQ at a solid S7 on my K3S.  He announced he was listening up 5.  As soon as he did I started calling, and calling and calling...  He answered no one for what seemed a long time until he was spotted and then he answer a few guys, obviously hearing them with considerable difficulty.

Boggles my mind that they went on a major expedition with (AFAIK) unproven equipment.

Wes  N7WS

On 4/8/2018 6:39 PM, Gary Smith wrote:
Elusive again tonight but a better signal
than yesterday. Only heard him well at the
beginning of GL and he dropped off 30 min
later. Could hear EU calling him clearly
before GL so the band was in decent shape
still. Going to be tough for me to hear
him at this QTH but that's the game.

GL to all,



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